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Product Design, 3D modelling, Rendering, Technical Drawing

The concept for this project comes from the urban and city planning of the “Ideal City”.  I selected three city-plans, whose structure I was inspired by, and used these graphics to form patterns on three sets of serving trays. The trays are stackable, to represent the manner in which a city grows upwards with buildings structures. When the trays are stacked on top of each other they build up like buildings, yet still allow for the user to see the city plan.

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Product Design, 3D modelling, Rendering, Technical Drawing
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Seeing patterns

After my visit to Palma Nova, I completed a lot of research on the ideal cities of the world - and wow did I find magic. The ground plans of ideal cities are often based on grids or other geometrical patterns, which got me imagining and doodling. Some of the doodles I created were really intricate and special, so I decided I needed to create something more with this wonderful concept. These renders are purely conceptual, and it is definitely a topic I'd love to pick up again in the future.

How they stack

The technicalities
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While living in Italy I took a day trip to Palma Nova, an ideal city in the north, and was utterly mesmerised by the city planning and architecture - this was the first step in my obsession with ideal cities.
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