Hotjar's TVC


Concept, user research, creative direction, design

The first ever brand campaign for hotjar. We approached this task as a building block for a bigger 360 campaign that we planned on running the following year.

Hotjar owns an industry leading product, and is rooted in great values. The tool is easy to use, and hugely insightful.... but seems a little inaccessible to anyone outside of the product or product marketing realm. So we decided to expand our reach, and talk to a much wider audience, making what we do feel accessible to basically anyone who has a website.

Services rendered
Concept, user research, creative direction, design
Creative Director, User researcher, Concept Developer, Brand Designer
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A user-centred, iterative approach

Step #1:

We developed three strong ideas, wrote three scripts, and created three animatics, which we then took to our users, and asked a million questions.


Having these insights and data, we started to explore the creative direction.

Step #3:

We audited three creative agencies, and while tied to our tiny budget, found one that we aligned with and felt excited about moving forward with.

Step #4:

Feedback feedback feedback.

Step #5:

Finally, the launch.

Project Planning

Creative Direction
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Inspiring change through empathy by empowering users to see the world from other people’s perspectives
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