Brand design & Creative direction

I joined Hotjar in January 2022 as the company's only brand designer. The brand team had just gone through a rebrand, so there was a lot of excitement in the air. On arrival I helped the team set up the look and feel for their social channels, developed a benchmark for how we do commercials and started exploring some identities for other brand paths.

Over the past year we have achieved a lot - we created our first TV commercial (see next project), developed a community on our social channels, made a podcast, explored our values through some internal projects, and elevated our community by setting up a learning site.

All of the projects below were designed and art directed by me, with the help of my brand team - Adrià Cruz (PM), Christian Schorm (brand lead), Chieh Lee (motion designer), Nicole Gottselig (content editor), Chelsea Blake (social media manager), Rich Roberts (copywriter) and Emma du Preez (performance marketer).

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Brand design & Creative direction
Brand designer
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A tool driven by empathy

Building the brand around empathy and making the web a better place, was a good starting point for me + Hotjar.

Human, accessible design lies at the forefront of every decision i make, putting our users front and center, listening to the data and creating educational and empathetic content that people are interested and able to engage in.

Branding for our social channels

We made a podcast
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For the first time in my career, I am not afraid to fail, and even find myself yearning for the opportunity.
Internal Branding
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