Creative Direction, Branding, Designer Onboarding

Three friends with similar passions and different skillsets came together to create a place where furniture design meets art. I came in as the creative director building the corporate brand identity and being the POC for everything creative. Together we built the brand from scratch, sourcing and networking with some of our favourite artists and designers.

Passion Project
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Creative Direction, Branding, Designer Onboarding
Creative Director
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Hand-picked, eccentric, high-end design

I teamed together with Carlos Guijarro (furniture designer and interior architect) and Marcelo Martinez (web developer and architect) to create FVRNITURE, a design focused e-commerce boutique, with the aim to fill an obvious gap in the market. Our focus was to find and curate a collection of objects that push the boundaries of traditional design.

Developing the Brand
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Seeing an obvious gap in the market, we joined creative forces in a passion project to find the most interesting pieces of furniture and make them more accessible to the general public.
Website and Designers
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