2020 - 2021

Branding, UX, UI

We joined the team on an exciting journey to drive and motivate their users to be better, in every area of their life. We helped them with all their design needs, teaming up with a research agency, we came together to generate streamlined user flows and a full and coherent app navigation as a starting point to this project.

We developed the full visual identity, design system and app design (both UI and UX), working closely with the client from start to finish.

Us_Berlin Agency
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Branding, UX, UI
Digital Designer
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So what is yoga? Getting more out of it because you can.

More out of every run, more out of every repetition, more out of every interaction and more out of every situation in life. Make yourself flexible not only physically, but also mentally - experience how a calmed and conscious mind is your best weapon against stressful days and tough workouts.

Brand Attributes

User Flow & App Experience
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The goal was to build a strong brand that offers a solution not only to the user's external problems, but more importantly to their internal needs.
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