Branding, Packaging, Motion, Creative Direction

Developing this brand with Daniel, was to date one of the most fulfilling jobs i have ever done. He had an amazing vision, and full trust in me to develop his brand. We started working together close to 7 years ago (gosh), and built the brand together. Daniel is a total tea enthusiast, with a beautiful tea shop in Florida, where he has won countless awards for its design and exotic tea collection. I came in to help him develop his brand identity, and we continued working together for many years after. Together we developed the brand, and created all of the packaging, product photography (all in 3D renders), videos and all other marketing collateral. A project (and product) very close to my heart.

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Branding, Packaging, Motion, Creative Direction
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A project very close to my heart

I loved this project for so many reasons, mainly because great clients are few and far between, but also because it allowed me to explore so many facets of design. Following completing my masters in industrial design, where i did a lot of 3D modelling and rendering, i was able to show off these skills, and fully imagine the packaging in 3D. It also gave me the opportunity to work on my motion design and illustration skills. Yay for Chajin!


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Chajin, written in Japanese “茶人” translates to “Tea Person” but it also can be used to refer at a master of the tea ceremony.
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