Product Design, 3D modelling, Rendering, Technical Drawing

This collection of wall and ceiling lights is based on the concept of cymatics. The design of each light comes from the nodal patterns that are associated with the modes of vibration. Five patterns were developed, according to the frequency the sound was played at.

The patterns were transformed into 3D objects, with particular emphasis on how the light would refract when placed at the back of each object projecting faceted light and patterns into the space.

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Product Design, 3D modelling, Rendering, Technical Drawing
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Nodal patterns, linked to modes of vibration

From 2010 through to 2013 i studied neuropsychology, one case study that stuck to mind was a disorder called Synesthesia, which effects the audio and visual functions of the brain. People with Synesthesia hear a sound when they see bright colours, or see a colour when they hear various sounds. This lead me to thinking about the connection between audio and visual stimuli. After some research, i found the concept of cymatics - the science of visualising audio frequencies.

Frequency Patterns

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Waves are all around us. As sound waves move through salt, they vibrate into geometric patterns that visualise the nature of waveforms.
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